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Reconnective Healing

reconnective-healing-2Reconnective Healing connects you with a range of relatively new energies only recently accessible to us, resulting in significant improvements in emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

Reconnective Healing has enabled some very tangible transformations in those exposed to it.

Three sessions reduced the pain and discomfort from my Crohn’s related sacro-ileitis to minimal levels, and my rheumatology consultant was extremely impressed by the results. JL, Surrey

The healing is normally conducted at a small distance away from your body, so is especially suited to those who prefer not to be touched. The first session can be conducted at my practice in person, or by distance healing in the comfort of your own home.

What responds to Reconnective Healing?

Clients report healing on all levels and often the non-physical healing – mental, emotional and spiritual – can be more profound. On the physical level, healing has been reported in many different areas. However, it is not an illness specific modality, rather it addresses the root causes of illness.

Reconnective Healing doesn’t specifically treat any condition or challenge. However, as it addresses well-being at a fundamental level you may find, as many people do, that you come back into balance and health with a broader perspective on who you really are, and how you fit into the scheme of things.

As a practitioner I enter into the ‘field’ which you also share, and by moving my hands in areas around you, to which I am intuitively guided, I ‘remind’ your body, mind and emotions of your wholeness, so that you remember who you really are. This exchange occurs between you and the universe and I act as a catalyst.

What happens in a Reconnective Healing session?

Clients invariably experience a deep level of peace, and may have other physical, spiritual and emotional experiences. The important thing is to note what is happening to you during the session, without attaching any particular significance to it, as this cements the importance of your experience, and may offer a valuable reminder of your experience long afterwards.

What happens after a Reconnective Healing session?

Some clients experience immediate results, while others experience a gradual unfolding over the next six months to a year. What is true for everyone is that they come away from the experience with a greater understanding of who they are, and how they connect to the Universe.

Many sceptics have experienced results from Reconnective Healing – it doesn’t require faith. However, the effects for you do depend on your freedom from limiting beliefs, so the more open you are to any possibility, the more opportunity there is for universal intelligence to work most effectively.

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I charge £35 per session.

I also offer concessions of £10 per session if you cannot afford more.

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For more information about Reconnective Healing:

See or read the book: The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself by Eric Pearl.

Disclaimer: I make no claims, promises or guarantees and neither diagnose nor treat specific health challenges. You are solely responsible for seeing to and/or continuing with your own medical treatment and care.