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Meditation recording- tailored specially for you

Would you like a guided meditation recording specifically suited to you? I can provide a short 5 minute meditation and a longer one to help you develop a meditation practice tailored for your needs.

Most meditation recordings are rather impersonal and often quite distant from your own circumstances. What I like to do is listen to what you would like out of meditation, what challenges you have encountered starting a meditation practice, and where the imbalances in your life are.

Then I like to tune into mine and your inner selves and be guided by what would work best for you, in much the same way that I would do working with energy. I ask you to lie down, or sit, (whichever is most appropriate) either at my practice if you visit me, or in your own home if we work over Skype. Then I tune in and am guided intuitively to lead you through a guided meditation which is tailored to your needs at the time. I record the guided meditation and send it to you by email, so you can listen to it whenever it suits you.

Typically, each meditation lasts 25 minutes, unless you specify that you would like a shorter one. I also record a short 5 minute meditation for you immediately after the session for use when you don’t have time to listen to the longer one, and send that to you too. I suggest that you can use the quick meditation several times a day to maintain the value of developing a meditation practice. You can listen to it in a loo break, or a coffee break, or when travelling by public transport even. The intent to develop a deeper internal connection will, in time, outweigh the distractions you may encounter.

I suggest that you listen to this meditation, ideally each day, at a convenient time. Often the best time is when you settle down to sleep, as that is when you are starting to access your deeper connection with your larger self, and this means that your meditation allows for deeper states to be achieved. If you fall asleep whilst listening that is not a problem, so you don’t need to struggle to stay awake to the end!

People often find that they can achieve deeper states of connection whilst listening to a tailored recording, and that they develop greater equanimity during the day and better sleep during the night.

My style of guided meditation leads you to connect with your body, then the earth and then with your larger self. I have found that this works very well for many people as they are becoming aware of something larger than themselves, rather than following an internalised process of watching thoughts or breathing. I put the emphasis on your subtle sensations in your body, which has greater wisdom than our conscious mind.

The end state is a seamless interconnection of you with your home earth environment and your inner self/core being, so that you feel expanded, and also at peace. Continued use of the meditation will lead you to establishing a more continuous connection with others around you, the environment, and your inner being, leading to greater levels of peace and joy.

I also lead group guided meditations for staff, volunteers and outpatients at a local hospice. A participant there said:

Clare has a very hypnotic voice which lead me into a very deep state of relaxation. I always feel very relaxed after listening to one of her guided meditations.

If you are interested please contact me. The Skype session to set this up typically lasts for 75 minutes to allow time for the initial discussion, the meditation itself, and some follow up discussion after the meditation to help you maximise its benefits in the future.

For details of costs please see here.