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Learn Tonal Alignment

The Tonal Alignment is a powerful catalyst for change. It strengthens the connection between the physical body and the energetic pathways within our bodies, enabling people to advance rapidly on their spiritual path.

Unlike other alignments or activations, the Tonal Alignment also uses sound generated by the practitioner, which enhances the effect of the energetic process and grounds it well in the body. The Tonal Alignment works on the energy centres and meridians in the body, with energies that have become accessible in the past few years, to support our ongoing development.

It works by clearing old historical energies within our body leaving ‘space’ for newer and more appropriate ways of being to emerge. This allows the development of a stronger connection between our physical selves and the non physical energies which form part of our larger consciousness, and contribute significantly to our personal development.

As a process the Tonal Alignment is very supportive for anybody who would like to accelerate their development more rapidly and easily.

For existing therapists the process can act as a useful tool for use with some clients, enabling them to move on rapidly, providing they are in a fairly stable place to start with. It is a useful tool in any therapeutic practice where the therapist already enters into a ‘connected state’ with their client, i.e. connects through their higher consciousness. So, this process combines well with hand-on or hands-off energy therapies, psychotherapy processes, and NLP and similar processes, when they are used with a clear understanding that they are working at an energetic level.

I train existing therapists who work in energy, NLP, or similar therapy practitioners and to interested psychotherapists.

Before taking Tonal Alignment training it is a requirement that you have experienced the Tonal Alignment yourself.

There are two forms of the Alignment:

  • Tonal Alignment, which acts on the whole body, is conducted in two sessions, separated by 24/48 hours, normally performed in conjunction with toning, though some practitioners may work without tones.
  • Head Energy Alignment which clears the energy centres and meridians in the head and can be conducted in just one session, without tones.

Training for these two processes are as follows:

  • Tonal Alignment: initial half day workshop to develop confidence in connecting with your own toning, followed by a two day workshop where you will have plenty of time to learn and practice the alignment process.
  • Head Energy Alignment: a one day workshop to learn the sequence and practice of the energetic activation.

With both forms of the Alignment there is a follow up period during which practice on the process is undertaken, before full qualification is achieved.

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