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Energy therapy

I offer three basic forms of therapy:

  • Energy healing and balancing
  • Tonal Connection and Tonal Alignment
  • Reconnective Healing and the Reconnection

It can be difficult to understand the difference between them all so I will describe as best I understand, and from my own experiences with the approaches, how they differ. Bear in mind that there are many routes to a destination, and the best route for you is the one that feels right to you at that moment. If you are still indecisive then I can intuit what would work well for you at the time. In many cases I suggest, if you have no strong preference, that you just allow me to flow whatever mix of energies is best suited for you. Your non physical consciousness will ask for what is best for you.

What are the differences?

Energy balancing is the name I give to the energies that are very earth based and well suited to physical conditions, and is the approach that has evolved with me relatively recently. The energies work very well both with gentle touch, and at a distance. I normally ask people to send me a lock of hair if they prefer to work at a distance, to ensure that an initial connection is made.

I see it as being supremely adaptable in what it can offer, as it does not specify or focus on any particular range of energies, allowing whatever is required to flow in the moment. The energies that are available are a very wide range of timeless and also newer energies that have become available. Rather than being limited to a specific range of energies as in Reiki, or other named energy therapies, this therapy allows a much wider range of energies to be available, allowing for a much more tailored outcome. It is very grounding in its effects.    More here.

Tonal Connection and Tonal Alignment Recently I have connected to another pool of healing energies which are much newer in their connection with our environment and access a very wide ranging group of energies. They benefit from the addition of toning, which enables the energies to become well physicalised or fixed in our bodies. Tonal Connection is the healing or stabilising form of the energies, whereas the Tonal Alignment is a very specific process conducted over two days, which is highly targeted so that the connection between the physical part of our body and the energetic (or subtle channels) in our body is strengthened.  The Tonal Alignment is best undertaken when you are in a stable state, so if necessary I might suggest a session or two of Tonal Connection first. More here.

Reconnective Healing  This was the first form of healing I learnt. This range of energies became accessible to the Western world about 25 to 30 years ago to a number of different people, the most well known of them being Eric Pearl, who has developed a widely publicised teaching program to spread the energies far and wide.

My understanding is that it is a discrete range of energies, with a focused and narrow range. It is tried and tested, and being a well publicised modality has a significant following and has gained a good reputation. I have found that it can help many people very significantly. The energies can be offered without touch, either in person or at a distance. However, my personal experience is that they are more effective and reliable if a strong connection has been made with the recipient, either by meeting in person, or by sending a lock of hair. In some unusual cases, the connection is well made during a telephone conversation, and has not been necessary.  More here.

If you are in two minds I can offer a blend of the energy types, asking for whatever is more appropriate at the time to be delivered to you. That way you get the best of what I can offer and the best for you at the time.

What is the difference between Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection?

The difference between Reconnective Healing and the Reconnection is basically one of intent, and the processes for the two are different. If you wish to restore your state of body/mind to some better state experienced earlier on in life, then Reconnective Healing is the suggested approach.

If you wish to accelerate your development beyond your current state by improving your connection with the extended field of consciousness, and you are interested in the Reconnective energies then the Reconnection is more suited for you.  However, it is often wise to have a couple of healing sessions first to ensure you are in the most receptive state. So, the norm would be to have two or three healing sessions, followed by the two sessions for the Reconnection.

How many sessions should I have?

If you just want an energy boost to get you over a period of stress, then one or two sessions of either Energy Balancing or Tonal Conection will suffice you. But if you wish to capitalise on the process and experience a greater sense of connection a few more sessions spaced in a more leisurely way will allow you to cement the connection more thoroughly. I have found that typically, six sessions spaced about a fortnight apart can help to create significant changes in your life.

If you wish to make a significant step forward in your life then it is likely that the Tonal Alignment or the Reconnection would be better suited for you.

Healing responses

People have very varied responses to energy therapy, and some people don’t feel anything at all. That is not unusual, and is can be due to a wide number of variables. Very few people have no benefit at all, though there are the few cases. For more information on what responses might be experienced, see here.

Disclaimer: I make no claims, promises or guarantees and neither diagnose nor treat specific health challenges. You are solely responsible for seeing to and/or continuing with your own medical treatment and care.