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What should I do to prepare for my energy therapy session?

Try not to have any preconceived expectations about the process or outcome. If you’re a sceptic, keep an open mind and turn up.

What should I do after the session?

Relax and drink lots of water. You may experience healing responses for a period of time or days afterwards. This is very rare, but if you have a depressed response — lethargy, anxiety, anger, agitation, pain, flu-like symptoms — consider contacting me for another healing. The feeling will pass in time, but if it’s unbearable, another healing will alleviate this response.

How can I make the most of my energy therapy session?

I can help your body open up to energies that you don’t normally recognise, but to maintain that wider expansion into a greater range of energies you will need to cultivate and maintain a more positive approach to life. The first step in any therapy is to get you to a stage where you feel comfortable or well enough to be able to become more self determining and take steps to cultivate a change in attitude. The first or second session should take you to that place. After that it will be down to you to take those steps for yourself. With my Energy Balancing and Reiki sessions I will give you some basic tools to take away to help you maintain an improved outlook on life. If you want to take this further, then I suggest you consider coaching. If you really want to jumpstart your life you might consider the Tonal Alignment.

Why didn’t I have a miraculous and immediate health response?

Not everyone has a significant response and I don’t know what will occur during or after a session until it does. Most clients need follow up sessions to achieve significant changes.

From experience, I’ve noted that these things will interfere with the process and prevent wellness and/or development:

How open and honest you are. Fully disclose why you’ve come to see me. Be honest with yourself. You may not want to get well or move on with your life.

Mistrust. Trust in any situation and relationship is difficult for some. By interacting with the subtle energy fields and systems of your body and mind I allow you to relax into a level of trust. This is easier for some people than others, but the presence of the subtle energies will foster relaxation.

Fear. Whether it’s known or in your subconscious, it’s common to have some degree of fear. Accept it, be honest about it and allow your core self and me to ease it. Surrender.

Lack of self-awareness. Your condition may be serving an aspect of your personality and lifestyle. Now that you’re unwell, you may be receiving the attention you’ve always wanted.

Being selfless. Selfless people subconsciously redirect the energy to others: spouses, children, extended family, and pets. Be sensibly selfish. It’s time to take time for yourself.

Expectation. It’s best to have no preconceived expectation of the outcome. I respect that that’s difficult, but try to be nonchalant and relaxed.

Financial insecurity. If you receive insurance or welfare payments for illness or injury, the fear of losing those payments can contribute to limiting a healthy outcome.

Thinking you know how energy therapy works. I don’t know how it works and I have spent a considerable amount of time trying to understand it! It is better to accept that the process is currently beyond our understanding and not to over-analyse it during a session.

Laziness. I only act as a facilitator for your own response; exercise, eat well, and be happy.

Do I have to have faith in you or the process to become well?

You just have to show up and be open-minded.

Do I have to be unwell to book a healing with you? 

No. Many clients book to see me because they enjoy the process and they believe the therapy enriches all aspects of their life. In fact many people who have been very happy with their health, have, nevertheless, booked a series of appointments and been delighted at the changes they have experienced in their lives.

Can you help me to stop smoking and drinking?

I can help you address the underlying cause for an addiction, but you will have to be disciplined to stop it for yourself.

Should I take my jewellery off?

That is not necessary.

Should I take my clothes off?

No, I ask you to remove dangly earrings and glasses because they get in the way, and shoes for a similar reason, and belts for your own comfort.

Can you heal cancer? 

I make no guarantees, though I have found that the majority of cancer patients I have worked with have benefited at some level from energy therapy.

However, I encourage you to continue to follow a traditional path of healing. It’s unethical and irresponsible for me to do otherwise. I’m also an advocate for science and competent health practitioners. I direct all clients  with significant health issues to consult with their doctors and traditional health practitioners.

How many sessions should I have?

With chronic illnesses I like to do at least three healing sessions, either in-person or via distance, close together, but you must commit to that. Some health responses manifest slowly and in layers. Similarly, if you want to move on in your life, then three sessions will allow you to develop momentum.

When should I book again? 

Whenever you’d like to.

What illnesses and injuries have you successfully healed? 

Again, I make no guarantees about helping any condition but it has been rare for someone not to have benefited from energy therapy in whatever form they experience it.