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Energy Balancing and Reiki

energy-therapyAbout Energy Balancing and Reiki

I offer Energy Balancing which similar to Reiki, either locally in Herefordshire or by distance.

My approach to healing energies is to allow for the widest range of energies to become available to my clients. I used to call this work just Energy Balancing, but I found that people were much clearer about what I offered when I compared it to Reiki. As I am fully trained in Reiki, I have included Reiki in the name as well.

However to me this work is more than just healing – it is about expanding your ability to connect to a wider range of consciousness allowing yourself to really connect with your core self or your essence – your non physical connection to a wider field of energies. The range of energies that are available to you through Energy Balancing and Reiki, allow you to become restored to a greater level of well being than just Reiki by itself, as I have found with numerous clients.

I work very intuitively, using my hands to gently touch both major and more unusual points on your body, as is called for at the time. As I touch these points, energy flows into your body to allow it to balance itself into an optimal state. If I work with you by distance, then the energy flows through the ‘matrix’ of non physical consciousness to you. As these energies come from a very wide range of energies, the appropriate elements or ‘notes’ of it are made available to you during your sessions.

Each session opens a window, where you receive an infusion of universal energy specifically tuned to your needs. This may not be what you consider the most urgent, but may be something more fundamental than you have acknowledged. After the session you will be able to tap into a larger field of opportunity for yourself. It is a very useful complementary approach to coaching and NLP as it bypasses the conscious mind.

Experiences of Energy Balancing and Reiki

Your experience of the energies will be unique. Some people have profound insights and experience a deep sense of peace. They often find that they make a connection to a broader intelligence during the process which changes their sense of self and stays with them afterwards. And some just completely ‘zone out’ and come to with the realisation that they have not done that in a long, long time! Everyone emerges from their session more balanced and revitalised and that can apply to you too.

It was incredibly freeing – I found myself viewing life in a new way. AR, UK

I definitely feel like something has been lifted off my shoulders and am no longer worried about anything. I mostly feel the way I felt 2 years ago when I came here – full of tonnes of energy! IM, Bradford, and Kenya

This matrix of universal energy connects with your whole self at a very deep level of being, and changes resulting from the sessions often do not become apparent until some time later. As the process works at such a deep level this allows you to open up to alternative ways of being so that you can live life more harmoniously. The result is that symptoms can resolve themselves, over time, and opportunities for you to unfurl present themselves. As the changes created by the energy work at a very deep level, the effects roll out as the results of the session ‘burble’ to the surface.

Clare is a gifted healer and meditation teacher with a wealth of spiritual and practical knowledge to share. The recent session I had from her was very powerful and I felt many sensations of energy flowing, and what I assume were blocks being released as she gently touched parts of the body. Afterwards I felt energised and uplifted and I am looking forward to having another session from her soon. I have previously had Reconnective Healing from Clare, but this new form of work feels even more powerful and effective. Christina Cherry, Potton


What to expect

If you would like to arrange a session please contact me.

The first session will normally be with gentle hands-on contact, mainly on the head and feet, though there may be some contact on the torso. I will always ask you whether you are comfortable with being touched. If you dislike being touched, then the session can be entirely hands-off. Subsequent sessions can be conducted remotely. For more about distance healing see here.

I live in Herefordshire. Initial sessions are normally conducted in my home located between Ross on Wye and Hereford. If you would like to try this out but can’t travel the distance then there is an alternative way we can work, by distance, so please do contact me, and we can discuss this more.

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I charge £40 per session.

I also offer concessions if you cannot afford the full fee.

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See FAQs about what to expect with energy work.


Disclaimer: I make no claims, promises or guarantees and neither diagnose nor treat specific health challenges. You are solely responsible for seeing to and/or continuing with your own medical treatment and care.