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The Reconnection

reconnectionThe Reconnection

The Reconnection can accelerate your developmental path. It is a process which allows you to fully ‘remember your connection’ to Universal intelligence. Over time, we become disconnected from the truest expression of ourselves, both individually and as a species. The Reconnection is one way of restoring that connection through a process of energising key points and subtle energetic pathways in your body. I believe these lines coincide with particularly sensitive points in our bodies, which are more open to energy fields. In this particular alignment, these sensitive areas are exposed to the specific Reconnective energies.

The process is conducted on two days, with either one or two nights in-between. It differs from healing in that the intent is very specifically to accelerate your development. During the two day process you remain within the field of energies for the whole time, which helps to crystallise the effect.

Long-term Effects of the Reconnection

The longer term results differ from normal energy therapies, in that they are wider ranging and more permanent, allowing you to make significantly greater steps in your own development and become more aligned with your true expression of yourself.

When I had my Reconnection 8 years ago, I was at a stage in my life when I had done everything that I thought I wanted to do, and was wondering what the rest of my life would hold, as it seemed to be on a plateau. The Reconnection opened me up to a world extending well beyond what I had imagined, and I have never looked back.

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