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Energy Balancing, Reiki and Alignments

I offer three basic forms of energy work:

What are the differences?

Energy Balancing and Reiki is what I call the innate energies that I flow. They are well suited to most people. The energies work very well both with gentle touch, and at a distance.

The energy balancing includes Reiki energies in the flow, as your body requires. There also are other newer energies that have more recently become available as humanity as developed, and these energies are also available to you. This more inclusive range of energies allows for a greater range of change to occur. People report feeling very grounded and relaxed with these energies. More here.

Tonal Alignment Recently I have connected to another range of energies which are much newer in their connection with our environment and are a very wide ranging group of energies. They benefit from the addition of toning, which enables the energies to become well physicalised or fixed in our bodies. The Tonal Alignment connects with these energies and is a very specific process conducted on two 45 minute sessions approximately 24 hours apart. It is a very focused process and strengthens the connection between the physical part of our body and the energetic (or subtle channels) in our body.  The Tonal Alignment is best undertaken when you are in a stable state, so if necessary I might suggest a session or two of Energy Balancing first. More here.

The Reconnection This was the first form of energy alignment work I learnt. This range of energies became accessible to the Western world about 25 to 30 years ago to a number of different people, the most well known of them being Eric Pearl, who has developed a widely publicised teaching program to spread the energies worldwide.

My understanding is that it is a discrete range of energies, with a focused and narrow range. It is tried and tested, and being a well publicised modality has a significant following and has gained a good reputation. I have found that it can help many people very significantly. The energies can be offered without touch, either in person or at a distance. The process is similar to the Tonal Alignment but with different energies. More here.

If you would like to find out more, and are ready to take the step then contact me to arrange a free 30 minute session where you can find out how we can best work together in partnership.

Disclaimer: I make no claims, promises or guarantees and neither diagnose nor treat specific health challenges. You are solely responsible for seeing to and/or continuing with your own medical treatment and care.