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Free Meditation

Many people ask how to maintain the sense of deep connection they achieve during an energy therapy session, so I now offer a weekly distance meditation where anyone can tune into the deep consciousness we can all access.

So join us for our shared Deep Connection Meditation. It’s absolutely free.

It doesn’t matter whether you have had therapy through me or anyone else, or no-one. It works, regardless of where you are at in life. As with all collective meditations we rely on the power of intention, and of many people gathering together (metaphorically) to strengthen the connection that each one of us achieves individually. Experience has shown us time and time again that when many people gather together they build a much stronger effect.


Wherever you are worldwide! In your own home, your office, in a parked car ( I do not recommend driving!), out in the countryside.


Every Tuesday 8pm UK Time. If you can’t make that time, simply connect when you can, and ‘intend’ to join us. I have found that once you set up the intention to join a meditation group then you can do so either in advance of or after the event. Hard to believe – but it does actually seem to be the case.


Intend to engage with our collective Deep Connection Meditation and link up with us, even if it is at a different time from the rest of us. No need to worry about more than that. Sit or lie down in a comfortable place, with the intent to gain a deep sense of connection. It is often very effective to lie flat on your back. Your core self will do the rest. More about how to meditate here.

What intent?

This is really up to you – I want you to achieve a deep connection with your core self and a wider range of subtle energies, and become more peaceful and restored as a result of participating – gaining whatever insights you require, and whatever healing energies are right for you. You may, in time, feel greater clarity about your personal direction. The rest is up to you – remain unattached to any outcome and always ask for the highest benefit, not only for yourself but all humanity.

Sign up in the box at the top of the page on the right, (or on tablets and mobiles, below this text) to get regular reminders of  the weekly meditation.

Video of introduction to the meditation
Audio guide


One thought on “Free Meditation

  1. Ive been working with Clare now for over 8 months and the healing, the reconnection and the weekly meditations that are now on offer (free!!!) have been nothing short of transformative.
    I don’t know how it/ Clare work but for me our work together has acted as a catapult for my spiritual growth, allowed me to embody my divinity and has grounded me/ healed me in such a quietly magnificent l way, I would recommend it to all my fellow travellers.
    Thank you Clare. Thank you for your humility, your kindness and your love. You are a true, pure ‘Elder’ amongst us.
    With Love

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