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Healing Responses

Healing Responses

If you’re considering booking an appointment with me, then I’d advise reading this article, This list is in no particular order, and you might experience all, some, or none of these responses. There are many more subtle and unique responses, but these are the most common.

Sleep state.

It’s rare for clients not to relax enough to fall asleep. They’re often unaware of this until they wake. They sometimes fall into a very light sleep where they are aware of their body twitching and snoring.

Puff breathing.

Every client who falls asleep breathes the same way. When they exhale their lips pop open and air is expelled in a rush. The duration and time between puffs varies, but everyone seems to do it, and often they are aware of it.


Some clients cry at some time during the healing. Some people cry silently, others sob uncontrollably. Often they don’t know why they’re crying, they just need to.

Spasmodic twitching and movements.

The most common is rapid eye movement, followed by hand and leg twitches. I have also seen people moving their whole arms quite rhythmically, though this is rare.


It’s common for limbs to float off the table.

Loss of feeling.

It may feel like you’re floating above the table, or on water. You’re aware, but you can’t feel anything, or you just feel incredibly light, even weightless.

Sense of heaviness.

Sometimes people report that their limbs or their whole body feels very heavy and pinned to the massage table or bed.


Occasionally clients experience pain, normally quite short-lived. I believe this is probably just the healing energies focusing in an area to effect changes. Since we are unaccustomed to these energies we interpret the altered sensations in an exaggerated way.

Extreme tiredness.

Sometimes your body just needs to have a good long rest to incorporate the energetic changes it has experienced. Allow yourself to rest as much as possible.

A depressed response.

I’ve noticed some clients will feel depressed and vulnerable after a healing. This usually sets in six to twelve hours after the healing. If this happens it’s best to have a follow up session soon. The change of energies in your body may make you feel different and this can be temporarily uncomfortable. This shift in identity and how you now interact energetically with the world overwhelms some people.

Other responses

You may believe that you’ve been rolled over, but you haven’t actually moved.

Gurgling, popping, and movement through the body, often sounding as if it emanates from the digestive tract.

All emotions.

Relive and act out moments in your life.

See colours swirling around.

See a series of images with messages for you.

A youthful appearance.