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Coaching, guiding and mentoring


Through coaching you find your hidden resources. Mainly this is through being asked clear and targeted questions. The questions are guided by your stated outcome. Sometimes the questions tunnel down into the subject. Sometimes they aim to expand your thinking beyond your current perception.

You become able to view your life and career within a wider context, looking at the values that drive you and how your current activities align with them. Where there is a mismatch between what you want in your life and what you currently have, you become able to clarify a route to becoming the person you want to be.

You have the resources inside you and I help you find and unleash them in partnership. I act as guide, mentor, sponsor and awakener as well as as a coach, as I believe that different aspects of our lives require different approaches. We act in partnership, sometimes you will lead, sometimes I will lead.

My approach is as much, if not more, about who you want to be, rather than what you want to do. I believe that if you become open to who you really are, then the ‘doing’ part of life unfolds effortlessly.

Within the coaching I will more than likely, with your agreement, use NLP  to help you change your approach to your emotional state and to future aims, and to clear away old, and no longer useful, emotional limitations, allowing you to become freer to express yourself more fluidly and naturally.

Guiding and mentoring

You may find yourself adrift as your values change, with no-one of like mind to talk to and clarify your ideas and understanding. I’ve started that path already and have been treading it for many years. It can be lonely, and it helps to talk over things with someone who has questioned the status quo and spent time clarifying their own path.

I’ve looked at many wisdom traditions as part of my path to find my place in the larger world, where I fit, how I can best contribute and how to maintain my connection to the larger field of non physical consciousness. The understandings I have come to are not yet commonly understood. (I am in the process of writing a book about them.) As I have shared these understandings with others they have commented how much it has clarified ideas for them and how the pieces now seem to fit together much better.

Part of my journey has been to find ways to best maintain my connection with my larger self, and to bring it into day to day living, through meditation, contemplation, enjoying life to the full, and maintaining a sound physical body. Maintaining balance in all areas of our lives is key to being truly fulfilled, and I help you to find that balance for yourself.

Free introductory session.

If you would like to find out more, and are ready to take the step then contact me to arrange a free 30 minute session where you can find out how we can best work together in partnership.

In the meantime, enjoy this TED talk on how making hard choices is an essential part of our self determination. If we don’t make hard choices we just become drifters.