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A selection of client experiences and testimonials for the healing modalities I offer.

I recognize that testimonials are selective and are not fully representative of everyone’s experience.

I cannot guarantee any specific results and the following testimonials do not constitute a warranty or prediction regarding the outcome of an individual using my services for any particular issue. Still, I share these to give a sense of what these clients have experienced.

A real shift

The tonal alignment has worked really well- I put it on my phone and listen to it when I go to bed- I usually fall asleep listening to it!
I seem to be calmer & have more energy. The times I stay awake I feel the different tones working on different parts of my body, but particularly heart & area of left breast where the cancer was. Spiritually I seem to be getting more interested again- was totally switched off. I know some things have shifted as I’ve started making inroads into the backlog of paperwork & accounts, and want to get on and tidy the house and farm.

8 week update: I still listen to the tones at nightime and fall asleep much more easily than I used to, so I am waking much more refreshed in the morning. RS, Yorkshire

Wind of change

The Tonal Alignment, was impactful.
I woke up determined to adjust my life be more connected, to be more part of community.
It’s like the first day was a wind of change and today a shift has happened.
You have something wonderful, deliberate, loving and powerful and the woman delivering it is the perfect vessel for the energies.
Thank You so much for your love, caring friendship and support. KG, London

Life  quickening

Since I came to see you life has quickened enormously . Thank you. TK, London

Anxiety much reduced

I just wanted to give you an update since it’s been a month since our tonal alignment sessions. Things have been going really positively.

Something I have been anxiously awaiting has come to fruition for me and I couldn’t be happier. I have had so much positivity in myself this past month which is not common for me as I’m usually quite a anxious and stressful being. I haven’t been carrying my usual anxieties within my body and have found that a strange calmness has come over me, even when I tried to put myself in that situation. I’m really happy right now and feel a lot of weight has been lifted which surprised me as I didn’t expect to feel such a drastic difference for me. NH, London

Recording afterwards very useful

I am still listening to the recording, it seems to reconnect & ground me. I feel really blessed that you have shared this with me, THANK YOU. GW, Madrid

Much more grounded

I feel more grounded, more connected to my body, and have found, very surprisingly, that my posture has improved. I feel much more appreciative of the world around me- the beauty of the sky and plants, and I feel I am becoming much more sensitive to other people and their experience of life. ZJ, Birmingham

Very powerful

Clare is a gifted healer and meditation teacher with a wealth of spiritual and practical knowledge to share. The recent healing session I had from her was very powerful and I felt many sensations of energy flowing, and what I assume were blocks being released as she gently touched parts of the body. Afterwards I felt energised and uplifted and I am looking forward to having another session from Clare soon. I have previously had Reconnective Healing from Clare, but this new form of healing involving physical touch feels even more powerful and effective. Christina Cherry, Potton


I’ve been working with Clare now for over 8 months and the healing, the Reconnection and the weekly meditations that are now on offer (free!!!) have been nothing short of transformative.
I don’t know how it/Clare works but for me our work together has acted as a catapult for my spiritual growth, allowed me to embody my divinity and has grounded me/healed me in such a quietly magnificent way, I would recommend it to all my fellow travelers.
Thank you Clare. Thank you for your humility, your kindness and your love. You are a true, pure ‘Elder’ amongst us.
With Love.   KG, London

Full of tonnes of energy

Thought I’d just drop you a very quick email as am on my lunch break. Since yesterday I can feel something has changed in me. I feel quite calm and really slow to get stressed by things that would normally stress me earlier. Every time I feel like getting worked up here at work a voice keeps telling me to just take it easy and just so you know the same voice is telling me to enjoy every moment – remember yesterday you said to have fun?

I definitely do feel like something has been lifted off my shoulders and am no longer worried about anything. I mostly feel the way I felt 2 years ago when I came here – full tonnes of energy!   IM, Bradford, and Kenya

Deeply profound

Thank you so very much for that amazing session I had with you yesterday. It was such a deeply profound experience, quite difficult to express in words. I felt as if I was placed into some sort of suspended animation for want of a better description. My body felt held in something so calming and relaxing and I entered a depth of utter stillness and peacefulness…no thought…complete surrender to the stillness within. No desire to move or to be anywhere or to do anything. A lovely all-embracing energy that could be felt in every cell of my body. CC, Basingstoke

Now cycling 10 miles a day

My sessions gave me a sense of peace that I had never experienced before, and which I can tap into whenever I want. A longstanding knee injury, which had bothered me for over a year and had been operated on with minimal improvement, slowly resolved itself, to the extent that I am now quite happily cycling 10 miles each day.  DR, Woking

My rheumatology consultant was impressed

I have suffered from Crohn’s disease for over eight years, with several severe relapses. The most recent complication has been a severe and chronic bout of sacroileitis, a rheumatic condition that is a known complication of Crohn’s. Three sessions reduced the pain and discomfort from this to minimal levels, and my rheumatology consultant was extremely impressed by the results.

My experiences during the sessions were deeply relaxing and peaceful, with some wonderful visual experiences, which I shall never forget.  JL

‘Moved out of a sticky pond’

Our work together has truly moved me from a sticky pond I found hard to ‘unstick from’. Inspite of trying to connect through meditation, the Reconnection sessions I had with you have transformed me, my sense of Self and has significantly accelerated my journey to the Source. Clare is it the fact you give for giving, your love or the pure non egoic sense of service that underpins your work that makes this so powerful?  KG

‘More emotionally balanced’

Since being in touch with you, I have remained more or less calm and in control which for me feels quite amazing. Just to say how much I appreciated coming to see you. I am already seeing benefits particularly on an emotional level – much more balanced and able to cope without the sense of panic that I had. Presently quite tired, but probably need to catch up on much needed rest! I look forward to seeing how life will unfold over the next weeks/months. MR, Hants

Disclaimer: I make no claims, promises or guarantees and neither diagnose nor treat specific health challenges. You are solely responsible for seeing to and/or continuing with your own medical treatment and care.


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