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I’m now offering sessions in London

I am delighted to announce that as from mid November I will be offering sessions at Terapia, London EC1R 5HL, once a month.

This is an opportunity for those who wish to experience my blend of coaching and energy therapy work in the London area. Sessions will be held once a month at this clinic, and intervening sessions will be handled by Skype.

This combination of appointments in person and by Skype allows for a blend of personal contact and the flexibility to have follow up and interim appointments in your own home without needing to travel.

The first London clinic will be on Monday 12 November, and I plan to run in person clinics every month thereafter.

If you would like to experience the powerful benefits of combining NLP with energetic approaches, then why not arrange an appointment?

As well as working energetically using hands-on energy balancing, I also offer an alignment which help to clear your energetic pathways so that you are able to connect more strongly with your core self and make more effective changes in your life.

If this interests you then contact me to arrange an appointment.

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Weekly Deep Connection Meditation Reminder – 8pm UK time Tuesday evening

Deep conn medI invite you to join us for our shared Deep Connection Meditation at 8 pm this Tuesday UK time. It’s absolutely free.

A quote from one participant: ” I feel more clear, less mentally cluttered, and more able to sort out what is important in my life.” Continue reading

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Energy balancing and how it works- part two

This is the second part of a talk I gave to a small group of consultants and doctors at my local hospice.

For the first part, see here.

A little more about how it works 

I guess you probably have one of three predominant belief systems:

1 There is nothing that exists apart from our physical bodies, what we can see and what we can touch. (The atheist approach)

2 There is a God, and it takes a specific form, which may be religiously or culturally mediated. (The believer)

3 You are sitting on the fence and are not sure. (The agnostic).

For many years I was an atheist, then I became an agnostic, and then, when I started this work in energy balancing I became a believer – or a knower, in reality. But I became a knower because things happened that I know could not have happened if there had not been some form of consciousness at work that was larger than me and the client combined as physical beings.


  • My daughter feeling magnetically drawn across the room.
  • People reporting quite vivid experiences when I offered distance energy therapy. Things like, feeling somebody’s hands on their feet when there was nobody else in the room.
  • Even when touching people there is obviously something much more significant going on than just therapeutic touch. People see strong and vivid colours while they have their eyes closed, feel strong energy currents in their bodies, or sensations of heat or extreme cold.
  • Or, if my hands are close to but not touching their body, people may report that they can feel intense warmth from my hands. On checking the temperature of my hands immediately afterwards they confirm that my hands feel at normal temperature, and my experience of them is that they were at that temperature all during the session.
  • Or feeling another set of hands on their body as well as my own, when there is no-one else in the room.

None of these experiences are ones that I could induce voluntarily. And not everyone has these sorts of experiences, but they have been often enough for me to accept that there is something larger than me acting.

So, what IS it that is acting?

When I started meditating I felt quite comfortable with the concept of connecting with ‘the collective consciousness’. For me, if I had to describe what that looked like visually it would have been a large grey blanket, fairly uniform in look, that connected to all humanity. At the time, it seemed to work as a concept – it explained how I could access answers to problems by going into a quiet space, but there was something lacking though I was not able to qualify what.

But over the years of personal exploration I came to understand that, though consciousness may start out as undifferentiated, all uniform, it becomes increasingly differentiated through layers and layers until we, become manifest as units of consciousness condensed into physical form.

As this picture started emerging, through contemplation, reading, and other explorations, I came to understand that the layers of differentiation in consciousness each had multiple separate beings, each of which had their own particular range of interests and agendas to fulfill their personal desire for growth. (Remember, this is being described conceptually in a way that I as a human, can describe. I am sure it lacks subtlety seen from a larger perspective!)

And, if that were the case, then what we are connecting to as we expand our consciousness through meditation or energy balancing work, is extending our connection with the next layer up in differentiated consciousness – that part of the larger consciousness that is responsible for helping us to form as human beings. I call that next layer up our larger self, our core self, our inner being, and some people call it their higher self, though that is not a phrase I feel comfortable with.

This larger or core self is not physical, it is pure consciousness, non physical consciousness, though not pure undifferentiated consciousness. This is the part of ourselves that we lose contact with. This loss of contact renders us feeling lost and lacking in direction, which can then result in ill health and emotional isolation.

Once we start to strengthen that connection with our core self we start to gain access to a wider range of energies (which is really just another way of saying consciousness) and so we feel more whole, and more ‘connected’. More connected to ourselves, and so more connected to others.

So, my understanding, verified by the experiences I have had working with this, is that when these unusual experiences that recipients report happen – when they happen, they are effectively energies being manipulated by my and the recipients’ core beings to demonstrate that there is a larger range of consciousness in play.

And if the core beings, our core beings, can do that, then they can also, being non physical consciousness, and not limited by time and distance as we in physical form are, they/we can transmit energies between one another very easily. And this is the mechanism for long distance healing.

So, who is this work – energy balancing – for?

Well it seems to me, it could be for everyone! Certainly for those who wish to grow. It is part of our development path – to become more conscious of our wider consciousness, our core being. To become more sensitive to what is going on in our bodies, our surroundings, our fellow humans, and even beyond that. To become more aware of subtle energies and to connect to an increasingly wide range of subtle energies.

For many people, as it was for me when I first came across the concept, simply experiencing something different and something that could not be voluntarily invoked, was transformative. Whether it is just experiencing a deep sense of peace, seeing colours swirling in front of their eyes, feeling non physical hands, or energy currents in their bodies, is a deeply transforming experience.

It reinforces, and reminds us, that we are much more than the physical bodies we have assumed we are. That there is always more out there in the non physical world, that we can make contact with. As we make that contact, each and every one of us, we increase the effectiveness of bringing that wider range of consciousness and energy down into the world, and making it concrete by embodying it as part of ourselves.

And that brings me back to where I started out when I embarked on this journey of learning about energy work- my desire to find a way to make an impact at a distance, as the Eastern mystics did.

If you would like to experience this greater sense of connection for yourself through energy balancing, then please contact me. I work with people all over the world.


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Course on effortless meditation run by Peter Russell

Peter Russell, with 40 years of meditation experience, is running an online course on how to meditate without even trying. It’s a 5 weeks long downloadable audio course, and charged on a ‘pay as you wish’ basis, so is accessible to everyone.

A free introduction to the course is here.

The course is intended for novices and experienced meditators alike. I shall be trying it out myself.

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10% Happier

This post from Peak Memory says virtually all I would want to say, except that I haven’t actually read the book, but really like the no-nonsense and pragmatic approach that Dan Harris takes in his video.
We all suffer from the voice in the head- and this video/book confirms what I have long known, that meditation can moderate that significantly.


I just finished reading 10% Happier: How I Tamed the Voice in My Head, Reduced Stress Without Losing My Edge, and Found Self-Help That Actually Works–A True Story, by Dan Harris, a book suggested to me by my brother.

This is a great book, a case for meditation without the hype. There is evidence that meditation has real benefits and Harris does a good job of explaining how he came to the practice and why you should give it a try. The book also includes an interesting look into the office politics of television news

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Study now identifies just eight weeks of meditation practice creates significant changes in brain matter.

Meditation and healing - Herefordshire - Starlight StarbrightA recent study used MRI scans to demonstrate that a short course of mindfulness meditation makes significant changes in important areas in the brain.

“Although the practice of meditation is associated with a sense of peacefulness and physical relaxation, practitioners have long claimed that meditation also provides cognitive and psychological benefits that persist throughout the day,” says study senior author Sara Lazar of the MGH Psychiatric Neuroimaging Research Program and a Harvard Medical School instructor in psychology. “This study demonstrates that changes in brain structure may underlie some of these reported improvements and that people are not just feeling better because they are spending time relaxing.Continue reading