Clare Palgrave – Energy drives our evolution

Finding our way back to oneness with earth and earth civilisation

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Growing our collective consciousness

Well, here I am on a new start in my life and my life’s work. Having practiced one to one with people with energetic healing for a number of years I have moved into a more overtly collective way of being.

About 18 months ago I collaborated with several others to set up an Eldership Development Circle with the aim of supporting others to deepen their own sense of eldership in whatever way was appropriate for them. This has been an extraordinary journey in itself, and after a year of teething we are beginning to find our way and to tap into and deepen our own unique contributions to the world and our paths as elders.

I developed confidence from the eldership circle and was driven by the state of the world, and an awareness that I personally needed to consciously engage in a more collective way, to use the understandings that I had gained over the past 15 years in energetic work. I subsequently joined Pivot Projects, an exciting voluntary online collaboration of a diverse group of people from around the world, all intent on contributing to the creation of a more equitable, peaceful and holistic world, where we become reacquainted with ways of being an ecological civilisation within the whole ecological community of earth.

One of the delights of working in such a setting was the sheer openess of the people there, the degree of cross fertilisation of ideas, the listening, the questioning and the preparedness to consider alternative worldviews. As we talked and listened, it became apparent to us just how much we had to relearn, and the global need to move beyond current systemic models of economics, politics and religion to find foundational ways of being that relied on mutual co-operation rather than competition.

Out of this crucible was born a collaborative book writing venture, three people with diverse backgrounds who would never have met each other had it not been for the existence of Pivot Projects, each of us edgewalking our way through life, but each feeling a desire for some greater impact with their work.

We are:

Deborah, 60, a Presbyterian minister situated in Conneticut who founded Poets and Prophets, a spiritual community for change leaders committed to the flourishing of people and planet,

Damian, 50, an innovative system designer and consultant to business, who founded his consultancy Decode in 2014,

and myself, Clare, 70, trained as an electronic engineer, an artist, a volunteer for a local sustainability initiative, and an experienced energy healer.

Our ages span the decades between 40 and 80 years old.

There was a synergy between the way we viewed the world, and the change that we saw could happen, and as we dialogued we learnt so much from each other. It is through partnership with Deborah and Damian that I was stimulated to do something that had been hovering around in my mind for many years: to write what the concepts of energy and consciousness can bring to the world. Seeing how much my view of the world has stimulated Deborah’s and Damian’s sense of being in the world, how it has influenced their work, and vice versa, we embarked on starting to write a book. The aim of the book is to provide three different perspectives on how ordinary people can find the leadership and depth within themselves to overcome a sense of impotency, or disinterest, or compulsive, even radical, activism, to move to support, nurture and foster the innovation from the younger generations who will inherit this world. Not by dictating the ways to change things, but by providing a rudder, a keel and a deep foundational anchor to the youthful energy that can drive this change but that needs the wisdom, experience and depth that has been achieved through a longer life on earth.

The book is intended to give people permission to put aside current social confines and limitations, to dig deeper and wider in how they perceive themselves, to find the profundity and potential in what they can offer the world – and then to step out into doing that! To have permission to flourish for themselves, and in modelling that flourishing, to encourage others to flourish. Each of us, ourselves, had felt that we were lone voices and found immense relief in meeting each other and learning our different languages and being fully understood. We saw ourselves afresh, and were more able to value the uniqueness we each had to offer but had been afraid to show. What we need now is a richness of diversity, rather than a sterile civilisation – one that recognises the great potential in each of us, and welcomes it rather than rejecting it. The richness that comes from such diversity is a key theme that will emerge continually through what we each have to say, and what I will say here. We want to encourage each and every one of us to step out with confidence into being who they really are, and to give permission to them to be part of the creative urge to change that is now upon us.

So, in parallel with book writing I will be sharing my thought processes here together with understandings and experience of the world of consciousness viewed from an energetic perspective. I’ll also be sharing the transcripts and recordings of guided meditations that I have produced for members of Pivot Projects and beyond. And maybe, I will also share a little of my co-author’s writing as it emerges.