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Meditation recordings specially tailored to your needs

I now am offering personalised guided meditation recordings.

The way it works is that we book a time to talk over Skype (or Whatsapp or Facetime) for a little while so that I can connect to you at an energetic level. Then, whilst you are still on the internet connection I ask you to prepare yourself for a meditation session, and I intuitively develop a meditation specifically oriented towards the key issues that you have identified, and other areas that I tune into whilst we are talking.

I record this meditation at the same time as I lead you through it over Skype and send it to you afterwards.

Typically, each meditation lasts 25 minutes, unless you specify that you would like a shorter one.

I suggest that you listen to this meditation, ideally each day, at a convenient time. Often the best time is when you settle down to sleep, as that is when you are starting to access your deeper connection with your larger self, and this means that your meditation allows for deeper states to be achieved. If you fall asleep whilst listening that is not a problem, so you don’t need to struggle to stay awake to the end!

People often find that they can achieve deeper states of connection whilst listening to a tailored recording, and that they develop greater equanimity during the day and better sleep during the night.

My style of guided meditation leads you through connecting with your body, then the earth and then leads you on to connecting with your larger self.

If you are interested please contact me. The Skype session to set this up typically lasts for 75 minutes to allow time for the initial discussion, the meditation itself, and some follow up discussion after the meditation to help you maximise its benefits in the future.

For details of costs please see here.

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What is mindfulness

Starlight StarbrightSomeone asked me today what mindfulness actually was, and this is what I came up with. Of course, it only answers a very small part of the question, but is a start of what may be an exploration of our connection with wider frameworks of non physical consciousness.

Mindfulness is a form of meditation that has its roots in eastern tradition. It has taken the best of eastern meditation approaches and adapted them to the western world so removing the dogma and cultural association. Its benefits are just the same as the eastern approach, but its application has been made relevant to our western mindset. Continue reading


Effortless meditation

I came across this post by Peter Russell recently. He is someone who has spent a significant part of his life exploring consciousness. Like me, he started out using Transcendental Meditation techniques, and moved on, sampling other approaches until he found an effortless meditation technique.

I find this intriguing, as it parallels my own journey. Somehow, almost as a natural process I found myself discarding most meditation ‘techniques’ and just sitting/lying down to meditate. Now, I just allow meditation to happen. Continue reading


Meditation – a protective blanket for humanity? Part 2

Clare Palgrave Meditation and energy therapy- fractalFor the first part of this article, see here.

In the previous part of this article I discussed my understanding that a consciousness blanket had been built by hermits, recluses and spiritual ‘seekers’ over hundreds of years, which allowed us to access higher levels of consciousness and energies than we would otherwise easily access.

I want to elaborate on this. The first question that you may be asking is: how did these recluses gain access to these higher levels of consciousness – those that we do not normally experience? I have come to understand that they were able to clear the veils of many of our human belief systems, by a diligence in clearing their thought processes and allowing themselves to become a vehicle to connect with higher level intelligence. Continue reading

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Meditation – a protective blanket for humanity? Part 1

Fractal image for Clare Palgrave meditation and energy therapyHave you ever wondered what the many, many hermits, recluses and spiritual ‘seekers’, closeted around the world and meditating regularly, were actually contributing? I certainly have! In fact it has been a key question for me for many years.

On the one hand I wanted to believe that their meditation was not in vain, but was building something very positive, just not tangible. On the other hand, despite my attraction to a life of seclusion and contemplation, my western mind-set would not allow me to accept that such an activity could be productive. Continue reading

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I can’t meditate! – Really?

Have you sometimes said that meditation isn’t for you – that you have tried it – and not experienced anything different?

When I first started meditating I had that experience sometimes. I would sit down, and use my mantra (as that was the style of meditation I had learned) and I would keep coming back to my mantra when I discovered that I had been rambling off on all sorts of ‘irrelevancies’. But, I never felt refreshed, or clearer at the end of 20 minutes, that is, if I managed to stick it out for 20 minutes. I guess, because sometimes I can be quite dogged, and also because I really did need to get myself more emotionally stable, I kept at it, and finally found I was becoming a lot more balanced. Continue reading

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Meditation for insight

Meditating regularly allows us to gain insight in our busy lives.

How often have you said: I don’t have time to ………. (fill in the blanks yourself)?

In our busy lives we try to cram more and more into our waking hours. Rarely do we take the time to sit down for a few minutes to sort out what is important and what isn’t. If we were able to take some quality time with ourselves then, once we had got the shopping list of  ‘to do items’ out of the way, we can then gain insight into what are really the essentials. Continue reading


Deep Connection

Meditation and healing for deep connection to your inner being

Meditation for mind, body and spirit

Well! I have long realised just how valuable being able to easily achieve a sense of deep connection is. Over the years it has become easier and easier for me to slip into a different state of consciousness from which I arise refreshed, renewed and awed.

I don’t get bright lights or fancy messages – well only very, very occasionally when I slip into this state. I just get an awareness of being here but not here, there, but not there. The experience of being deeply connected is so different for each person. Continue reading