Clare Palgrave – Energy coach – London and Herefordshire

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I tend to work flexibly using whichever approach resonates with you or that I feel would help you to achieve results. I find that combining approaches and giving you tools to take away to use between visits helps you to maximise the changes you want to make in your life.

Here are the main approaches I use:

Energy work: The Tonal Alignment and the Reconnection are both methods that clear your energetic pathways in your body and enable the connection between your energetic and physiological pathways to be strengthened so that you can connect with a wider range of non physical ‘intelligence’. You simply need to be in a relaxed and open minded state to benefit from them. Energy Balancing and Reiki is an approach I have developed which brings you into a more balanced, centred, calm and grounded state. The energies that flow during the energy balancing work are a mix of the well known Reiki energies and a range of newer energies that we are now starting to be able to access as we evolve.

These approaches work at a non linear, non verbal level, allowing your body to reprogram itself at a very fundamental level, and lays the groundwork to more specific changes you then decide to make.

Coaching: Helps you to clarify what really matters to you in your life – within your career, personal life, health or any other activity – and identify an approach to achieve your required outcomes.

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming): A very safe approach to reducing learned habits and childhood ‘programming’ and achieving positive states of being. I will give you simple tools to take home with you to attain positive states to use from the very first session you have with me.

Time Line Therapy: An offshoot of NLP this very simple and safe approach allows you to clear old emotions and limiting beliefs in one session. It helps you to recover rapidly from negative emotions you may experience in the future, reducing the load you carry. Reducing limiting beliefs allows you to move forward confidently to more easily achieve your goals or purpose in life.

Meditation and Visualisations: I offer intuitive personalised guided meditations and visualisations and support you in finding a meditation approach and practice that you can commit to and works for you.

Way-finding: As you enter new territory it can be difficult to interpret and trust your experiences. I accompany you on that journey and support you as you find the resources you need inside yourself and assimilate new experiences.

If you would like to find out more, and are ready to take the step then contact me to arrange a free 30 minute session where you can find out how we can best work together in partnership.