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Access your Healing Potential

access-healing-potentialWould you like to have better health and vitality and promote that in others around you?

I offer personalised tuition where you can experience and discover how to connect more closely with your own unique range of energies that you were born to  contribute to this world personally.

You will start to feel the nature of more subtle energy and how developing a greater sensitivity to it can help you maximise your potential. The overall aim of learning about your healing potential is to become more connected to your core essence, allowing this larger version of you to become part of your everyday life as opposed to just using it as a self healing practice.

You will learn how to sense and interact with these subtler energies around you in your day to day life, and gain a greater connection with your true essence. You will develop your own sensitivity to yourself, your family and work colleagues, and your immediate environment and beyond. This will help you to achieve a greater sense of balance. You will start to learn how to listen with a larger part of yourself, so that you can tune in at a deeper level of awareness. Interacting with subtler energies requires no complicated techniques or rituals as these energies are the foundation of all consciousness.

When you work with subtle energies you will begin to see the world differently, and this will change how you interact with others.

This tuition will be tailored specifically to you so that you can develop confidence in your own ability to tap into a deeper and broader level of consciousness than we are normally aware of in our waking life. You will be equipped with a series of simple tools enabling you to live life more fully and relax into a non-judgemental state that will allow your personal healing energies to flow more in your life, benefitting you and those around you.


You will:

  • experience a greater sense of well being as you establish a deeper level of connection on all levels, bringing more energy, balance, confidence, self-worth, clarity, focus, creativity and peace into your life,
  • expand your awareness, evolve and grow by making a permanent connection to the wider “field” of consciousness these energies bring,
  • develop a clearer understanding and connection to your life’s meaning, your unique gifts and universal truths,
  • notice, over time, the impact on your own life, and by a process akin to osmosis, the impact on others whose lives you touch significantly.

Core features

Typically the tuition will include at least some of these elements, depending on your interests:

  • a Tonal Alignment which accelerates your ability to connect to your core self.
  • a tailored guided meditation and recording.
  • Exercises to help you develop sensitivity to the built environment, country environment, and people.
  • Exercises to develop your sensitivity to ‘healing’ energy flowed from your core self to and through you.
  • Coaching to help you develop clarity about where you would like to clean up, strengthen and progress your life.
  • Tips and insights on how to develope your connection with your core self and to maintain that as an ongoing practice.
  • There will also be room for spontaneous elements to be included.

Workshop outline: access-your-healing-potential-course-outline

Fees :

My fees for this tuition are £200 for one-to-one tuition (£250 if you would like the Tonal Alignment included.) This includes 6 hours of initial teaching time, in person, and over Skype, email follow up for one to two months, and 3 further 45 minute Skype or telephone sessions.

If you are not able to attend in person we can alternatively hold the sessions over Skype.

Should you find someone to share costs with, I am happy to run the workshop for two people at the same time, and the cost per person would then be £130 each.

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Disclaimer: I make no claims, promises or guarantees and neither diagnose nor treat specific health challenges. You are solely responsible for seeing to and/or continuing with your own medical treatment and care.