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My Philosophy

I believe we are here to experience life in all its richness and diversity. In the West we have become quite disconnected from our bodies, and spend a vast amount of time in our heads, starting early in life at school. So, we disconnect from the wisdom that flows through our bodies.

What does that disconnection from our bodies mean? I think it means that we also feel disconnected from everything else – other people, our environment and our larger selves. We start to view ourselves as encased entirely within our head at worst, and our skin at best, and believe that there is no subtle connection between ourselves and anybody else, nature or any non physical consciousness.

I was brought up to believe that myself, particularly as my father was an engineering University lecturer and my mother was trained as a nurse, so I was exposed to our classic scientific framework. But I had always been interested in why meditation seemed to be so effective, and particularly wondered why monks around the world seemed to understand that their meditative seclusion from the world was still impacting the world. Why could that be?

When I eventually experienced the effect of subtle healing energies, and saw them have an effect at a distance that could not realistically be explained in any other way (and I did try quite hard to do so!), I was able to acknowledge at a visceral level that what I had read about the nature of non physical energies and how they could impact our material selves was a reality.

That radically changed my perception of who I was, and the effect that I could and did have in the world, both positive and negative.

I had been campaigning both globally and locally to improve our world, focusing on climate change and living sustainably (translate that as living lightly – not the corporate pseudo-speak for maintaining business as usual). I came to realise that our collective mindset and lack of larger connection was the biggest limitation to our being able to co-operate to transition to a better way of living.

The direct experience I had of flowing energy at a distance transformed my approach to what I wanted to do, which was basically to help people evolve and transform to a more co-operative way of working. I realised that if I could help individuals, one by one, to recognise for themselves in a tangible way, that they were part of a much larger web of consciousness then that would be even more valuable than campaigning against climate change, and be much more rewarding.

In parallel, I enjoyed coaching people to find their own hidden depths, and have found NLP and Time Line Therapy useful additions to that process. I am always thrilled when people start to find a freedom and ease within their lives as a result of focusing on and exploring their potential.

So, my vocation is to help people open up to this larger experience of consciousness in everything around us, through coaching and NLP, energy therapy, spiritual activation, meditative approaches and learning to sense and connect with subtler forms of energy in whatever way is appropriate for them. Each approach is just a different route into recognising at a physical level how we are all connected to the continuum of consciousness and the richness of continuing creation.

I believe that as we all embody that greater sense of connection we will foster better relationships with those around us, both in family, friendship and work, and also at a global level. We will also recognise our connection with the living environment around us and develop a respect and care for it that we seem to have lost for now. And finally, we will start to comprehend that we are part of a continuum of consciousness that extends well beyond the earth and into non physical consciousness, and learn to become part of a conscious co-operation with energies and consciousness that we currently do not have on our radar.

I believe that my clients are ready to step into that much larger world and experience their inter-connectedness in a more profound way, and I am ready to accompany them on that journey.

Do you want to start writing a bigger and better story for your life?

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