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About Me

clare profile 2014For many years I have had an abiding interest in our extended consciousness which eventually led me to learning about energy therapies. I’ve learned Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection, several other emergent healing practices, many meditation approaches, and had a continuing interest in self development. More recently I have developed my own healing potential in the form of Energy Balancing, and been party to the development of a new spiritual activation. I’ve also been a personal coach, with an interest in life balance and living simply. I take my continuing personal development seriously, have a daily meditation practice, and take further professional development modules regularly. I’m particularly interested in making meditation accessible to people and synthesizing some of the many approaches that exist to offer a way of meditation which fully embraces our human-ness rather than denying or ‘rising above it’.

For more about my philosophy, and why I do what I do see here.

I love working one to one with people from all walks of life and all parts of the world, to find ways for them to open up to a wider experience of who they are, how they connect into the scheme of things, and find out for themselves what they have to offer uniquely.

I also volunteer one day a week at a local hospice offering energy therapy to staff, patients, carers and bereaved relatives. I find this work very rewarding.

In 2008 I came across Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection whilst I was reassessing my personal direction. I found it transformative in the way it exposed me to unseen and unacknowledged elements of the world. After practicing Reconnective Healing for a few years I was moved to explore beyond it, to find out what else was ‘out there’ or ‘within me’. And so I became involved in several emerging healing practices, which eventually drew out my own healing approach, Energy Balancing (a different and in some ways complementary approach to Reconnective Healing) as I came to understand how I could best facilitate healing in others and a connection to their larger self. I have also studied with the Healing Trust to ensure that I implement best practice in my work.

I have also studied mindfulness and many other meditation approaches, both informally and experientially, to explore their benefits and limitations.

More recently I have been instrumental in helping develop a new spiritual activation with some very new energies, which provides a very targetted method for enhancing our ability to connect into the wider field of consciousness.

All my life I have had a deep and abiding love of India, precipitated by spending 3 years there as a teenager, and I have revisited it several times since then. When I visit, I feel like I am home as I experience the deep connected-ness there that exists wherever one goes, whether it be experiencing simple Indian village life or visiting age old temples. Even the craziness of the traffic, as viewed by westerners, has an absolute perfection – the deep reverence for life means that there are far fewer accidents despite the lack of adherence to formal road rules. I love it! And I try to bring the joy that I experience from that vitality there back with me for others.


At a primitive temple site in South India. Love the horses in the background, given as offerings!


I grew up in England, Ghana and India and qualified in Electronic Engineering, following a fascinating and high-powered career in international data communications at Reuters, until the call to have a family came.

Whilst my two children were growing up I explored a number of interests, including garden design, art, personal coaching and sustainability and many ‘alternative’ approaches. This allowed me to inspire and help others to enjoy life and develop – and to give back to the world all that I have been blessed with.

I’ve spent a lot of my life helping individuals and groups to live more fully and mindfully in the world. I’ve led a local sustainability group and also been active in environmental campaigning. I know the pressures of maintaining equilibrium, having held a senior technical position in Reuters, and later in caring for ailing parents. I’ve brought up a family and juggled the conflicting demands that entails.

In my spare time I enjoy developing my creative skills, through painting primarily.


Comparing our jewellery, with the help of our guide. Apparently my husband doesn’t love me enough because I hardly wear any expensive jewellery!