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I’m now offering sessions in London

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I am delighted to announce that as from mid November I will be offering sessions at Terapia, London EC1R 5HL, once a month.

This is an opportunity for those who wish to experience my blend of coaching and energy therapy work in the London area. Sessions will be held once a month at this clinic, and intervening sessions will be handled by Skype.

This combination of appointments in person and by Skype allows for a blend of personal contact and the flexibility to have follow up and interim appointments in your own home without needing to travel.

The first London clinic will be on Monday 12 November, and I plan to run in person clinics every month thereafter.

If you would like to experience the powerful benefits of combining NLP with energetic approaches, then why not arrange an appointment?

As well as working energetically using hands-on energy balancing, I also offer an alignment which help to clear your energetic pathways so that you are able to connect more strongly with your core self and make more effective changes in your life.

If this interests you then contact me to arrange an appointment.

Author: clarepalgrave

I'm interested in promoting simple and effective ways to meditate, tools for maintaining balance in life, and opportunities for you to grow into your highest expression of yourself. I offer energy/spiritual therapy/healing, an energetic alignment called the Tonal Alignment, and Neurolinguistic based tools to assist you in connecting with a larger sense of yourself.

I'd love to hear from you, so please share what is on your mind.

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