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Meditation – a protective blanket for humanity? Part 2


Clare Palgrave Meditation and energy therapy- fractalFor the first part of this article, see here.

In the previous part of this article I discussed my understanding that a consciousness blanket had been built by hermits, recluses and spiritual ‘seekers’ over hundreds of years, which allowed us to access higher levels of consciousness and energies than we would otherwise easily access.

I want to elaborate on this. The first question that you may be asking is: how did these recluses gain access to these higher levels of consciousness – those that we do not normally experience? I have come to understand that they were able to clear the veils of many of our human belief systems, by a diligence in clearing their thought processes and allowing themselves to become a vehicle to connect with higher level intelligence.

You may be asking: what higher-level intelligence are you talking about? Again, this is where I come back to my healing experiences. The only way I can explain, for myself, how healing can work at a distance, and outside our normal time conventions, is to suggest that there are non-material intelligences that we can, and do connect to, albeit often unconsciously, which can help us develop.

Many of my clients report experiencing unusual sights and sensations when they have a healing session. The experiences they have cannot be related to normal physical processes – they often experience a sense of having been tipped over, or energy currents running through their body, or having extra hands touching them.

Whilst it may be an inadequate model in the long run, I have found that one way of viewing these experiences is to acknowledge that there are non-physical intelligences that want to co-operate with us and are quite capable of creating an effect in our very material and physical world.

These experiences are not just confined to healing sessions. They are also experiences that people can, and do, have when they take up a regular meditation practice.

And so, I have come to understand that the consciousness blanket that has been built by the hermits, recluses and spiritual ‘seekers’, and other committed meditators, has been created in co-operation with this higher-level consciousness, to make it easier for us laypersons to access it and to benefit from it.

So, we can access these higher-level intelligences through our meditations. And that is fantastic, because we can begin to access healing energies that we might not otherwise have easy access to. But there is also another side to it.

Not only can we use this blanket for ourselves. We can also contribute to weaving the blanket, and improving its weave, from coarse sackcloth, to a fine silk.

Each one of us who draws down energy from the blanket for our personal healing and development is also giving back for the development of the blanket, by the very act of consciously participating. By acknowledging that there is a higher-level consciousness, we are embarking on an act of co-operation with that consciousness; something that it wants wholeheartedly. So, not only do we personally benefit from our meditations, our meditations are also benefitting others.

It may be an act of trust to believe that such an invisible blanket exists, but the benefits of meditation are already so clearly defined in terms of providing balance, clarity and increased vitality, that meditating for those reasons alone is good sense. And, if you come to accept that meditation benefits not only you but also the whole of humanity, then there is a double incentive to start and maintain a regular meditation practice.

After all, we are none of us separate from one another – whatever action one of us takes in the world affects another. Even the invisible act of meditation could be understood to contribute to building a benefit for all humanity. And, as we become ever increasingly overpopulated and experience more conflicts, then meditation offers us each an opportunity to contribute to a more positive world when all other avenues seem lacking in significant outcomes, or are beyond our ability to influence.

If you would like to meditate but find it hard to take first steps, then I offer a weekly distance meditation – see the box in the sidebar for more details. I post regular reminders from here, and also on the Facebook page, also shown in the sidebar. There are also audio and Youtube guided introductions to the meditation available here.


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I'm interested in promoting simple and effective ways to meditate, tools for maintaining balance in life, and opportunities for you to grow into your highest expression of yourself. I offer energy/spiritual therapy/healing, an energetic alignment called the Tonal Alignment, and Neurolinguistic based tools to assist you in connecting with a larger sense of yourself.

2 thoughts on “Meditation – a protective blanket for humanity? Part 2

  1. I think we all have different ideas and interpretations of ‘god’ but I would feel that this higher level intelligence is part of god, and so are we. I view god as all of creation: us and all other forms of consciousness and intelligence. Some people may wish to view this higher level intelligence as outside us, others as part of us. In this post I have identified it as a separate entity just because that is how we tend to view ourselves and other forms of consciousness in the west, but modern day physics models tend to suggest that we are just a holographic part of a much larger entirety- we are a fragment holding the whole within each part of us. Michael Talbot’s book,The Holographic Universe, elaborates on this very well.

  2. the higher level intelligence you are describing is perhaps not so very different from a ‘god’??

    Date: Mon, 23 Mar 2015 17:50:48 +0000 To:

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