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Meditation – a protective blanket for humanity? Part 1

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Fractal image for Clare Palgrave meditation and energy therapyHave you ever wondered what the many, many hermits, recluses and spiritual ‘seekers’, closeted around the world and meditating regularly, were actually contributing? I certainly have! In fact it has been a key question for me for many years.

On the one hand I wanted to believe that their meditation was not in vain, but was building something very positive, just not tangible. On the other hand, despite my attraction to a life of seclusion and contemplation, my western mind-set would not allow me to accept that such an activity could be productive.

So, I settled for a midway point. I would meditate daily when I could, but would maintain a conventional Western lifestyle, whilst minimising my impact on others as much as I could. In fact, I eventually found that I reached my limit on what I could do practically to live lightly, whilst not being considered a freak. Eliminating long distance travel, becoming mainly vegetarian, reducing energy consumption – all these actions I engaged in, and still do. In a Western society travel, food and energy use are all a considerable drain on the earth’s limited resources, and over-consumption on my part means that someone else will suffer more than they already do.

I found that I couldn’t do any more, reasonably, in those areas, and looked for an alternative approach. I engaged in various forms of activism, both in a campaigning mode, and in a persuasive mode, as well as leading by example. Five years later I was exhausted and burnt out, having spent the better part of my week engaged in various voluntary activities and finding that the difference made was imperceptible. This is a common form of burnout.

I found that nothing I did changed how people thought, or indeed, felt. They were tired, stressed and very short of time. The conclusion I eventually came to was that most people in the Western world, particularly in the more driven areas, such as large cities, or anywhere within commuting distance of them, were so busy just going through the motions to ‘keep up with life’, that they did not have, or did not think they had, the time to change their ways. I felt that I needed to find another way to help create positive change, that was more in tune with who I was internally, rather than acting from a place of resistance and fear.

Taking time out to reassess I found myself revisiting meditation and healing and learning an enormous amount about who we are and what limitations we place on ourselves. One of the most instantaneous learnings I had was that action at a distance did indeed occur, and was not just wishful thinking. The first time I experienced this was when I was trying out a form of distance healing on my daughter, who was lying on the bed across the room from me. As I invoked the healing energies at a distance of 10 feet from her, she described feeling as if she was being drawn ‘magnetically’ across the room towards me. She had had her eyes closed the whole time, and so had no idea of what I had been doing. (In actual fact I had been waving my arms quite strongly, to invoke the healing energies, as I was still in the very early stages of learning about healing.)

As an engineer, brought up in the rational world that engineering and science had described throughout most of the 20th century, this confirmed to me, without a shadow of doubt, that there was far more going on than we collectively would admit to.

A more recent event similarly brought this home to me. I had offered distance healing to someone for a particular day and time. For reasons I do not entirely understand, although the intention to offer the healing was strong, I failed to offer it at the agreed time, and did not do so for another week. However, the recipient told me that they had most definitely experienced my hand on their head at the originally agreed time, despite the fact that we were several hundred miles apart, and the healing had not yet been offered. (Now, I do not wave my arms around at all when offering distant healing, but the effects still happen outside conventional notions of time and space.)

So, neither distance, nor time, act as we have been taught they do. Things can happen before they have happened, and ‘touch’ and sensation can happen when there is no obvious cause for the touch.

So, how does this apply to the secluded meditators? Firstly, these experiences of time and space acting in ways that we currently do not recognise allowed me to view the hermits, recluses and spiritual ‘seekers’ meditation activities in a more expanded way. And I have come to understand intuitively, that they were building a blanket. Not a blanket as we commonly understand it, but something very much more useful. I believe that what they were doing was creating an encompassing ‘consciousness blanket’ containing the very best that human consciousness can access. Their devotion to achieving a state of purity and unity was actually creating an invisible ‘structure’ for the benefit of all mankind.

Contained in this blanket was a matrix, or array, of energies: healing energies, insights, understandings about how the universe worked.

Can I prove that? The answer is, regrettably- no! Does it make sense to me? The answer is a resounding yes.

Why do I say that? Well, after a two-year lull where I meditated very infrequently, primarily because of a major house move with all its upheaval, I returned to a daily practice six months ago. Now I am back to consciously meditating to connect to this blanket of consciousness, I have found that I am growing enormously.

I have more to say about this and will be posting the second part of this article shortly. I’ll share more of my understanding that we are connecting to higher-level consciousness through this blanket, and how we, as lay people, can also help to build this blanket.

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