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A phone call

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I had the great pleasure of receiving a piece of writing from a friend who has started practicing creative writing. With his permission, I am sharing it.


‘I had a phone call from the heart today.’

‘Give me a break. What, your heart?’

‘No, the Heart; the Heart of it all; the great Heart; the Heart beyond a heart.

‘And what did it say?’

‘’It said, ‘are you listening’’

‘Is that all; listening to what?’

‘To it all.’

‘What does that mean?’

‘It means, are you alive?’

‘Of course I am alive. I am here talking to you aren’t I.’

‘But are you really listening?’

‘ Well, apparently not because I don’t get these phone calls.’

‘They have a quiet ring tone.’

‘Anyway what is this heart?’

‘It‘s the Heart that laughs and cries and accepts it all.’

‘And what else does it say?’

‘It doesn’t say a lot but it changes everything.’

‘Why does it keep ringing?’

‘It’s a wake-up call.’

‘I am not sure I want to be disturbed.’

‘That’s your choice.’

‘If you say so.’

‘ Yes, I do.

Rod Brans, Woking

I love his comment that the ‘phone calls’ have a quiet ring tone! So true!


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