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I can’t meditate! – Really?

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Have you sometimes said that meditation isn’t for you – that you have tried it – and not experienced anything different?

When I first started meditating I had that experience sometimes. I would sit down, and use my mantra (as that was the style of meditation I had learned) and I would keep coming back to my mantra when I discovered that I had been rambling off on all sorts of ‘irrelevancies’. But, I never felt refreshed, or clearer at the end of 20 minutes, that is, if I managed to stick it out for 20 minutes. I guess, because sometimes I can be quite dogged, and also because I really did need to get myself more emotionally stable, I kept at it, and finally found I was becoming a lot more balanced.

Recently I was discussing meditation with someone who had learned it at more or less the same time I had, 25 years ago. It transpired that he had given up on it within six months because he had been unable to ‘get anything out of it’. His actually comment was: “meditation is not for me”.

Now, a lot has happened in the world in the past 25 years, and maybe it was just a matter of maturity on his part, but I suggested he try it again, using the approach I have suggested here, and he took to it almost like a duck to water. I say almost, because he still needs a little encouragement, but he appreciates the time he spends in meditation, he finds it easy to settle into the meditation, and he already, just 3 weeks on, appears to be a little happier in himself.

He started off using the audio introduction, but already finds that he can settle into it without help. And really, why shouldn’t you be able to meditate easily? It is simply you communing with your inner being, your larger self, call it what you will. And why would your inner being not want you to be able to commune? In my view, your inner being is waiting desperately for you to reach out to them.

So, please take this example as an encouragement and set up a regular meditation routine, and allow yourself the luxury of being with your larger self. To help you, here is an audio to lead you into the meditation downloadable here, and I also offer a group meditation every Tuesday evening 8 pm UK time, when you can join us as a group, ‘through the ether’. For more details see the sidebar, and also follow my blog to ensure you receive regular reminders.

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I'm interested in promoting simple and effective ways to meditate, tools for maintaining balance in life, and opportunities for you to grow into your highest expression of yourself. I offer energy/spiritual therapy/healing, an energetic alignment called the Tonal Alignment, and Neurolinguistic based tools to assist you in connecting with a larger sense of yourself.

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