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Hands on healing research cures cancer in mice

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In this recent article in the Institute of Noetic Sciences Journal, Bill Bengston, a professor of sociology at St. Joseph’s College in New York City, discusses some remarkable results from a series of hands-on healing sessions with mice.

Coming from a very sceptical and scientific mindset, he outlines how he came to personally experience hands on healing from a psychic he met. After experiencing his back problems healed almost inadvertantly through his psychic contact, Bengstom went on to learn how to heal for himself, whilst setting up an experiment to see whether healing worked on mice infected with cancer.

When he found that the healing he was applying to the laboratory mice was 100% effective, he went on to train other sceptics  in the same process. These sceptical healers also achieved 100% cure of the laboratory mice.

This is an interesting study and raises very many questions. Whilst his technique differs from mine (I don’t have a technique as such, but know that I enter an altered state when healing) it is undoubtedly effective for these mice with this particular cancer. Nor, I must stress, do I lay any claim to being able to ‘heal’ cancer. I firmly believe that all healing comes from the client and the strength of connection with their inner being. What I am able to offer is a facilitation for them, an opening where they are able to connect more easily with their own inner being.

As he discusses (and more on his website here) there is a world of difference between lab experiments and real life, and the transferability of these findings is still unclear, as are many other factors coming into play.

For one thing, mice are blissfully unaware of being ill, and probably, though we can’t know for sure, do not worry about being ill or dying from the illness. As humans, we are very able to magnify our own concerns about being ill, resulting in a positive feedback loop, so that we continue to feed the very illness we would rather avoid.

However, in my mind there is no doubt that a combination of seeking support for healing, in whatever way that you wish, and developing a regular meditation practice, again of whatever form suits you, can support restoration, whether it be from ill health, stress, or emotional exhaustion. I offer a weekly free distance meditation and also offer hands on healing in Herefordshire. You can also listen to a recording guiding you into a meditative state here, if you prefer to meditate independently.

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