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Deep Connection


Meditation and healing for deep connection to your inner being

Meditation for mind, body and spirit

Well! I have long realised just how valuable being able to easily achieve a sense of deep connection is. Over the years it has become easier and easier for me to slip into a different state of consciousness from which I arise refreshed, renewed and awed.

I don’t get bright lights or fancy messages – well only very, very occasionally when I slip into this state. I just get an awareness of being here but not here, there, but not there. The experience of being deeply connected is so different for each person. Some people just fall asleep – or at least that is what they say. But I hazard a guess that something more is going on for them, and that falling into a deep sleep is the best way for them to gain the benefit.

Others have all sorts of messages and visitations. I guess it probably depends on what your cultural milieu supports for you. Me – I grew up with a strong scientific bias, which I only learnt to get into balance in my thirties. So, I have never had dealings with angels or other beings, though they may well have communicated with me without my being aware of it.

Anyway, I want to open this opportunity out to others to make this deep connection on a regular basis, either a connection into a nameless state of being, or a connection to a realm where you can gain insight and guidance into your current circumstances. So, I have been moved to institute a weekly Deep Connection.

As with any other healing session I facilitate, I effectively open a window into this sense of Deep Connection for all those who wish to participate. You don’t need to let me know whether you intend to attend or not, although any feedback you have (please post at the end of this page) will be useful for others who are debating the value of this. It does not matter whether there is one person participating or a multitude, each of you will have this window opened, and available for you to gain what is feasible for you at the time.

So, we will all be opening a window, collectively, for us all to achieve a Deep Connection. Ostensibly 8 pm UK time, but really anytime that works for you. See this page for more about that. It doesn’t cost anything, so why not give it a try?


Author: clarepalgrave

I'm interested in promoting simple and effective ways to meditate, tools for maintaining balance in life, and opportunities for you to grow into your highest expression of yourself. I offer energy/spiritual therapy/healing, an energetic alignment called the Tonal Alignment, and Neurolinguistic based tools to assist you in connecting with a larger sense of yourself.

6 thoughts on “Deep Connection

  1. Thank you for your comment Marty. Yes, I, too, want to make access to meditation very much simplified, and feel that nowadays it is much easier for people to do. Once one has cleared away all the ritual and dogma it is simplicity itself. If one does not have any expectation of great mindblowing experiences, but simply commits to a simple form of meditation as a regular practice, then an opening is created, which if nurtured gently will lead to greater equanimity and joy. We all need that, it is for everyone- we all lack a full understanding of who we truly are.

  2. Meditation is so simple it is not taken seriously and is misunderstood.

    Now with the advent of neuroscience we can change the grey matter density and the volume of mind organs in a short amount of time

    It is free and freeing

    Thank you for the light you share

    I too offer a way out of suffering and endless mind chatter

  3. Love the new site Clare. It’s fantastic and the Deep Connection you’re offering – so simple and effective. Philip

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