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Trust your knowing!

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Starlight StarbrightAcess your inner being by learning to trust

We all want to be able to trust ourselves. Very few of us are able to do so easily, at least, not without some prompting or reminders.

We rely on all sorts of input – and we find it difficult sometimes to discern which of the input is useful and which not.

There are messages that appear to us from all directions. Sometimes we see them, sometimes we don’t.

And then some of us rely on inner messages exclusively, whilst some of us rely on outer messages. There is no right or wrong, but just what works for you, and enables you to blossom.

I have a friend who manifests the most extraordinary synchronicities in her life. Recently she had six people with the same, rather unusual, first name appear in swift succession into her life. What did this mean? Well it was so noticeable that she had to ’listen’ to it – and she found that she had to listen at a deeper level than she had been doing previously. In that listening she found deep guidance and support for her direction.

You may not manifest external events like that – I do so only rarely, but when they happen for me they have a profundity that hits me and confirms for me a direction to take.

There are many ways of knowing:

  • Aesthetic – a sense of the beauty of the concept that surfaced for you
  • Moral or spiritual intuition
  • Revelatory experience – through dreams or waking visions, or synchronicities
  • Perception through symbols
  • A sensation felt somewhere in your body
  • An empathic knowing – a merging with the concept that arose within you
  • A ‘hearing’, a ‘seeing’, a ‘feeling’, a ‘knowing’

All of these ways are valid – none of them are better or worse than the next. You may have one way that works for you – or, like me, you may have a multiplicity of ways of knowing, different ways surfacing at different times. For me, all of these ways are valid, and I experience them in different ways on different occasions.

Learning to trust yourself, the first thing to do is to start observing the messages you get in life. They may be primarily in one form, or you may be someone who gets messages delivered in many different formats. Start listening to them more. Start asking questions when it happens.

  • If you get a slight ‘whisper’ from somewhere, stop and tune in to it. What happened to stimulate that ‘whisper’, whether it be a perceived wind on your body, a sense of déjà vu, a knowingness, a bird that just cawed at the appropriate time, or something else entirely?
  • What else does your larger self want you to know about the idea that crossed your consciousness?
  • Does the idea feel right? What response are you getting as you ask that question?
  • What is the next question to ask?
  • What is the way that has worked best for you in the past? Is it to confirm the answer in your heart? Your gut? Does it have an intrinsic beauty or harmony to it – that you cannot explain how you know? Do you ask for an external confirmation and get it?

Whatever way works for you – it works for you! Work with it, and allow it to develop – to offer you a richness in life that may have been lacking – a surety that clarity is arising, that the next step is unfolding perfectly.

We are all extended consciousnesses, part of the universal whole. Our ‘knowing’ extends into the whole universe, and messages that come to us are equally valid whether we perceive them as arising from within us or from outside us. (As I write this, I am getting one of my ‘knowing indicators’ confirming to me the validity of this.)

Remember that illnesses may also be messages, just as much as inner promptings or external reminders. They may be there to guide you to stand back and assess your approach to life.

And just to round this off, I found myself guided to writing this post by a combination of many different things: a confluence of others around me talking and writing about trusting themselves, a book I was reading about cultural history and the cosmos (Cosmos and Psyche by Richard Tarnas), an inner heartfelt tug to start writing without knowing what I was going to say, and by watching others fail to listen to themselves and suffer obstructions in their lives.

And I also had bodily sensations as I wrote – a confirmation that there was a form of higher truth in the spirit of what I wrote that will communicate itself to you, and bring out in you that understanding of how to develop your own knowingness – your connection to the universal whole.

I found that my sense of knowingness developed as I learnt how to tap into the larger field of being and became particularly pronounced as lila became known to me.  I hope this has fostered a desire in you to develop ways to tap into that larger field of being yourself.

Enjoy the richness of your whole being! Namaste!

(And if you have other ways of ‘knowing’ then please share them with us – we are diverse and complex as an organism – let’s celebrate that!)

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I'm interested in promoting simple and effective ways to meditate, tools for maintaining balance in life, and opportunities for you to grow into your highest expression of yourself. I offer energy/spiritual therapy/healing, an energetic alignment called the Tonal Alignment, and Neurolinguistic based tools to assist you in connecting with a larger sense of yourself.

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