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A kaleidoscope of opportunity!

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Starlight StarbrightHello!

A kaleidoscope of opportunity!

I’ve just migrated my website to a new home. In the process I’ve learnt a lot, and opened up many windows.

I’ve learnt to let go of having to do things for myself and started asking for help from others. I had been doing a lot of work on my own website, and other colleague’s sites.

I had learnt a lot, but finally got to a stage where I first locked us all out of our communal site, and then locked myself out of my Starlight Starbright development site on my own computer. That’s when I recognised that I had reached my personal limit and needed to ask for help. And help arrived, swiftly and effectively.

So, now, here I am, on my brand new site, with multiple opportunities open for me, a veritable kaleidoscope, and room to develop in many directions.

That’s what we can all have if we let go of our self-imposed limitations and boundaries. We are all interconnected and the universe has an inclination to achieve beneficial results if we give it an opportunity.

So, with this new start let’s all of us move forward to start creating a positive future, for ourselves and for others.

Join me on my journey and make it OUR journey!

I shall be posting from time to time about things that are close to my heart, and how they impact all of us on this earth.

In time I will be developing this blog a little more, so watch this space, or better still, subscribe by email to receive relatively rare updates.

And if you want to find out more about what I offer or talk about on my other pages, please do contact me.

Author: clarepalgrave

I'm interested in promoting simple and effective ways to meditate, tools for maintaining balance in life, and opportunities for you to grow into your highest expression of yourself. I offer energy/spiritual therapy/healing, an energetic alignment called the Tonal Alignment, and Neurolinguistic based tools to assist you in connecting with a larger sense of yourself.

I'd love to hear from you, so please share what is on your mind.

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