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How Reconnective Healing found me

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Starlight StarbrightYes, I mean that – Reconnective Healing did indeed find me – I had no inkling that this was the direction I was going to take!

I’ve led a particularly blessed and fairly eclectic life. After a short but rapid career at Reuters, I stopped work to bring up my family. During that time I explored many different avenues, training in both practical arenas (garden design, art and design, and sustainability) and also exploring a large number of the world’s spiritual traditions in an attempt to find my own footing.

When my husband took early retirement we both decided to move into practical applications in sustainability, and ended up becoming global activists, campaigning for living lightly, sensible energy usage and generation, and political solutions to inequity, and also becoming local activists, getting involved in a local group which was seeking to guide local residents to adjust their lifestyles and find ways to develop more local resilience.

Along the way I learnt a terrific amount about global equity, sustainable living, the Transition Town movement and the factors inhibiting us all, globally from living within our planetary means.

I was graced to be one of a group of people who helped spawn the fledgling Transition Woking initiative, and have watched them take gentle steps as they find their own feet.

However, I was increasingly certain that this was not my path anymore, and this was confirmed when I had to take a breather after suffering burnout. The Copenhagen Earth Summit had just finished, with a startling, but also not unanticipated, lack of global accord. I had helped stage a series of local events to mark the connection between the global and the local, to which there had been a particularly desultory response.

So, I took a breather, and allowed myself to ‘be led’. I found myself surfing the internet (not having much energy for anything else) and found myself increasingly re-attracted to my earlier interests of consciousness studies. The one thing I knew was that if we were going to be able to live sustainably, within the limits of the planet, and harmoniously with the whole of the world’s population, then consciousness was critical. Our level of consciousness needed to expand to be able to embrace the whole, rather than seeing ourselves as isolated islands.

One day I found myself watching a video about a man called Eric Pearl, of whom I had never heard, but who had attracted a lot of views. Eric Pearl, was the person to whom Reconnective Healing had been revealed, and he has been remarkably successful in training up a significant number of practitioners worldwide, and of getting mainstream research into Reconnective Healing under way.

I tried Reconnective Healing out for myself, using the instructions in Eric Pearl’s book, Heal Others, Heal Yourself and found that, despite not ‘knowing how to do it properly’ that others were experiencing an effect when I tried it out on them.

In particular, I remember standing at one side of the room, waving my arms wildly as I invoked the Reconnective frequencies with the intention of having an effect for my daughter’s highest good, whilst she lay, eyes shut, on the settee ten feet away. I could feel the ‘magnetic’ feelings in my hand, and she told me that she felt like I was drawing her across the room with invisible magnetic threads.

That convinced me! There was some thing more that we could tap into that had an effect at a distance. I booked the next practical course I could do, in Hamburg, to cement it and find out more.

In many ways, I had already learnt the key part from trying it out for myself – and the course cemented that for me, and also formally qualified me as a practitioner in Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection.

And so the new voyage of discovery started… I developed my Starlight practice, wondering what had hit me… only to find that the journey had literally only just begun.

One of the first things that I discovered was a heightened ability to tune into my intuition, to bodily sensations, and to a host of other ‘whispers from the universe’ guiding me on my path.

And over the years my journey has unfolded leading me to a greater confidence in who I am, how I am connected to the whole, and how we can collectively create a better future. Maybe I will tell the rest of the story soon, but in the meantime I would say that this has been a journey of learning to trust myself, with undoubtedly many more wonders along the way.

I am deeply grateful to the part that Reconnective Healing has played in that.

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I'm interested in promoting simple and effective ways to meditate, tools for maintaining balance in life, and opportunities for you to grow into your highest expression of yourself. I offer energy/spiritual therapy/healing, an energetic alignment called the Tonal Alignment, and Neurolinguistic based tools to assist you in connecting with a larger sense of yourself.

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