Clare Palgrave

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If you are looking to become more calm and centred, get more out of life, or gain greater contact with your core self, then I can offer a number of ways to do this. I work from home in a small village in Herefordshire, a quiet peaceful place.

Energy Therapy and Balancing

energy-therapyEnergy Balancing offers a wide blend of all the energies that I connect with, using light touch or by distance. It calms, energises and assists you in becoming more balanced, and clarifying your life. It also helps you become more connected with your core self.

“I have been suffering from fibromyalgia for several years, and this therapy has helped me develop more energy, reduced my pain, and given me my life back.” PT, South London Read more

Reconnective Healing

reconnective-healing-2A new therapy, Reconnective Healing connects you into a ‘field’ of information, resulting in significant improvements in emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

“I’ve been working with Clare now for over 8 months and the healing, the Reconnection and the weekly meditations that are now on offer (free!!!) have been nothing short of transformative.” KG, London Read more


Deep conn medA free distance meditation every Tuesday evening at 8pm UK time. Join us there and recharge yourself.

A quote from one participant:

” I feel more clear, less mentally cluttered, and more able to sort out what is important in my life.” Read more

Personal Empowerment

empowermentHow would it feel to be able to choose your own emotional state rather than feel at the mercy of the moods of others?
In three 1 to 1 personalised energy therapy and empowerment sessions you can learn to access your core-self, your true life force and inner guidance. You will be given simple tools to help you feel better even in challenging situations. These can be tailored to work with your own personal needs. Read more

Access your healing potential

access-healing-potentialOne to one teaching to introduce you to the nature of pure subtle energy and how developing a greater sensitivity to it can help you maximise your potential.

Experience and discover how to connect with several different easily accessible energies, and also how to connect more closely with your own unique range of energies that you were born to be able to contribute to this world personally. Read more


Sunrise at Hampi, South India – one of the most serene places I have ever visited.