Clare Palgrave – Energy coach

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What if your life was lit up by full scale illumination rather than a small table lamp?

What if the ‘walls’ around your life were backlit so that you lived in a ‘room’ that was fully illumined?

And THEN… what if you found that the ‘walls’ of your room were able to create and project images that were of value to you, that helped you to step into new territory, to see and be things you had never dreamed were even there?

The little table lamps that you have scattered around the house would become redundant then. You could see further AND you could see the connections and space between the places that you occupied. And you could also see possibilities in life that you had never appreciated before.

I can help you to illuminate your life more clearly and richly, so that you can navigate more clearly and confidently, to live a life with greater personal meaning.

I view my clients as rare gems, those who dare to step into an unknown world and express themselves fully.

I really enjoy working with those who are committed to their own evolution, so if you are ready to step into a life less ordinary, please get in touch.

Are you:

  • Tired of feeling confined by other people’s idea of how you should fit in?
  • Wanting to express yourself fully?
  • Wanting more than the same-old, same-old ……?

Do you:

  • Want to transcend your limiting beliefs?
  • Want to create an inviting future for yourself? and the world as well?
  • Want to take a big step forward in your development and step into the unknown?

I support people who want to step into a larger and more ‘connected’ sense of themselves, who want to blossom, to fly, to experience realms and aspects of themselves they have never even guessed at the existence of.

Maybe you want to embark on a new phase of your life, or want to break away from social norms and just need a little support to make the first steps.

Coaching, mentoring and energy therapy

I use a combination of Coaching, NLP and associated disciplines, Guided meditations and visualisations, and Energy work to help you establish internal changes for yourself, to let go of self imposed limitations, to expand your awareness, and find your inner compass. I help you call on your greatest resource – yourself! As you start to develop greater connection and confidence in your own inner guidance, your true desires, and your intuition you will find that life takes on a new dimension for you.

If you would like to find out more, and are ready to take the next step then contact me to arrange a free 30 minute telephone or Skype session where you can find out how we can best work together in partnership.

Some of the areas my clients have addressed are:

  • Changing work direction in life
  • Becoming more sensitive to others and to our environment
  • Developing a greater sense of centredness and groundedness
  • Finding their core values
  • Developing a greater sense of peacefulness
  • Establishing a greater sense of connection with the unseen world
  • Developing a greater sense of integrity in their lives
  • Establishing better relationships with family and at work
  • Letting go of self imposed limitations
  • Dealing with burnout
  • Environmental activism
  • Life changes/bereavement
  • Developing greater sensitivity to energy
  • All of the above

I approach our work together by orienting towards establishing positive states of being, rather than goals, as I find that when people are able to tap into an expanded sense of awareness and joy in life they are more able to realise their aims effortlessly. We can also look at expanding your perception of who you are, and how you fit into the larger realm of being.  We can also identify where you might want to step into a larger paradigm – a new model of how the world works.

How I work

I offer personal sessions via Skype or over the phone and I can suggest a range of personalised resources based on your specific needs. After an initial free consultation, we can create a tailored program at a reasonable cost.

This can range from a short series of weekly sessions to a more “hands-off” method of working over a longer period of time. Flexibility and the freedom to work at you own pace are key. Contact me for a free exploratory session.

About me

I’ve had a very varied and eclectic life and developed my approach from a mix of formal training and self learning. I find that I learn fastest and best when I can steer my own course and listen to the quiet inner voice that emerges if I allow it to. I bring this approach to my work with you, to help you to steer your own course. More here.

I work face to face at my home in Herefordshire, but more frequently online over Skype or Facetime or by telephone.